Reunion Island is the best destination for family vacation

Reunion, a picturesque island situated in the heart of the Indian Ocean, is one of the most off-beat yet fun locations to visit with your family. Filled with fun activities for kids, scenic beaches to laze around and food varieties to die for, this island is the perfect destination for your next family vacation.

Paradise in the heart of the Indian Ocean


Places to visit in Reunion Island

With a myriad of things to do and places to explore, this exquisite island can easily satiate your wanderlust. Start with a day trip to the Piton de la Fournaise, an active volcano that offers breathtaking scenery and piques the interest of explorers with its old lava tunnels. You must also visit the Cascade de Grand Galet, a beautiful and glowing waterfall on river Langevin. A visit to this intimate and charming place will be an unforgettable and truly enchanting experience. Also, while there are a lot of beaches in Reunion and each has plenty to offer, Plage de l'Ermiage is a must-visit destination with its gorgeous and powdery soft white sand, shallow lagoons and shady trees.


Get your heart pumping with exhilarating activities

If you are into adventure sports, the island offers a variety of them for you and your family to enjoy. A few available activities are mentioned below:

Paradise in the heart of the Indian Ocean



The following is a list of the best experiences of an adventure honeymoon in Reunion Island:



Hell-Bourg in Cirque de Salazie has a lot of trails for hiking. You can choose your own depending on whether you are just starting or are proficient in hiking.

Scuba diving

Your kids will like to experience marine life up close. The island offers activities like paddling, snorkelling and scuba diving, along with several whale and dolphin watching tours that your children will surely enjoy.

Helicopter ride

If you enjoy breathtaking vistas, this activity is a must. Fly above lush forests, flowing waterfalls, powdery beaches and stunning lagoons.


In Brass Rouge’s canyoning trip, you can walk through the cliffs, try cliff jumping and abseil down waterfalls.

An intriguing array of cultures

Reunion offers more than just scenic beauty. This stunning island is a melting pot of various cultures- French, African, Creole, Chinese and Indian. For this very reason, the island has some truly varied architecture along with an intermix of religions, festivals and culture. You can visit loads of temples, churches, mosques and padogas. A visit to the idyllic Creole villages is a must. They instantly transport you to the 19th Century colonial period.


Culinary heaven The foodies will be in seventh heaven.

If yours is a family of food lovers, you must visit the Saturday market in Saint Pierre. The market has over 300 food stalls, each offering a variety of delicacies in Creole cuisine. You can also performances with Mahoya dancers and méringue troupes.

A resort experience worth dying for

Lastly, the island boasts of multiple luxuries resorts and hotels, out of which, Hôtel de Ville de Saint-Denis, LUX Saint Gilles and Diana Dea Lounge are most popular.